April 29, 2010

More Spring Beauties

Who needs a florist when you have a garden full of these beauties. That's "Belinda's Dream" on the left and "Paul Neyron" at center with the fuschia colored petals.(He smells devine and would be excellent in the ice cream recipe from a previous post.) Filling in are "Copper Canyon Daisy" whose foliage has a delightful herbaceous scent, Scabiosa/ pincushion flower, "Lady in Red" Salvia, some tiny Cecile Brunner buds and lemon balm for a touch of green. I'm not much on formal arrangements but these flowers seem to arrange themselves in a natural way that pleases me very much.

 "Heritage" has finally come on like gang- busters in the past week. This David Austin rose is one of my favorites for it's delicious lemony scent, delicate pale pink coloring  and the round cup shape of her blossoms. In her second year, she is covered with sprays of large blooms with a large yellow center when she is full- blown. You see her in varied stages highlighted against a back drop of lavendar Gulf Coast Penstemon above..
And ta- da! This is "Buff Beauty" and boy, does she live up to her name. Gorgeous medium sized blooms open deep apricot and slowly fade over time to a pale ivory tinged with rosy peach tones. As a hybrid Musk, her scent is as deilghtful as her appearance. I have coveted her ever since I saw a photo of her covering an arbor smothered with blooms on Philip Poliver's blog "Dirt Therapy" several years ago . Splurged for her this spring and she is as beautiful in person as her photos. They say blooming will increase with age. Can't wait.

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  1. I keep seeing pics of 'Buff Beauty' on garden blogs around the country, and I really love that color. Nice to know it does well in Austin.