May 28, 2010

Flown the Coop

I found the chysalis open and empty yesterday aftenoon when I went to check on it.
And this black swallowtail was flitting about enjoying all the tall verbenas in bloom. I don't think it would be too far- fetched to say that this beauty is the Cinderella that emerged from that cocoon.
The markings were quite pronounced and the colors were deep and vivid- the black was really velvet-y and the blue almost iridescent. Notice the polka- dotted body- how cool is that? He was quite full of energy and never did stop fluttering his wings. I have often photographed them motionless as they feed on echinacea flowers but they are not blooming quite yet. Seems they prefer purple flowers as he stayed with the verbena. I hope he enjoyed his time in my garden as much as I enjoyed having him here.

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