March 23, 2010

Dead or Alive?

It seems that many of the things I planted last spring have not made it through to see another summer. Who can blame them for giving up. It was just a miserable year weather- wise. Blasting heat accompanied by record- breaking drought, followed by a cold and wet winter. I hated it, too. I am greiving especially hard for the apparent passing of the poor pitiful- looking Mexican weeping bamboo, at left. I check every day for corms pushing up through the soil, but I am losing hope.

My next door neighbor cleared her lot 18 months ago and I lost the privacy I had from my upper deck. I decided last spring to splurge for this bamboo because of its beautiful form and its rapid but mannerly growth. I was diligent in giving it extra water this summer and mulched it ( not well enough?) this winter. I'm heartsick and guilt- ridden. Where did I go wrong?

I tend to be relentlessy hopeful, unable to admit defeat so I will continue to go out everyday sometimes twice a day to look for new growth. I cannot admit this relationship is at an end just yet.

Here is a memorial to everything else that gave it's life to extreme conditions. May they rest in heavenly gardens of peace:

Aztec Grass
Barbados Cherry
Ruby Crystals Grass
Coral Nymph Sage
Copper Canyon Daisy
Tropical Red Sage
Abutilon Souvenir de Bonn
Blue Ruellia
Broccoli, Waltham
White Plumbago

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